Born in Aichi, Japan / Lives in Kyoto
Graduated from Women Art University in Tokyo
Kyoto Sculptors Association, Japan Artists’s Association Inc.. Kyoto Art Council

I was born in Okazaki in Aichi, I studied oil painting at The Women's College of Fine Arts in Tokyo. I became more and more interested in contemporary art. I returned to Nagoya after graduating. I worked as an art teacher at Okazaki women's junior college. When I was a member of the art space Room No.8, I did art activities mainly in Nagoya.
I made many stone works of art. After moving to Kyoto in 1982, I began to run MORI Art School in Kyoto. I have been teaching art for children and a few people with disabilities.

I work mainly with stone, but I also use other materials. I have participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas (Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Korea, Vietnam, Hungary )
I have participated as an artist in residence in Hungary and Iga from 2017. I am interested in art activities that come from intercultural exchange.
Some of my works are on display at the Inaba Manyo historical Museum (Tottori), Mori River Court Building (Nagoya) etc..
Japan Artists Association member, Kyoto Sculptors Association Director and Kyoto Art Council member.

Solo Exhibit

Selected Group Exhibit

  • 2020 Yume exhibition(Tokyo) 2 Nobuko Exhibition(Art Soace Iga) Pre reflectin(Kyoto) Artist in Resudence in Iga(Mie)Open air exhibition(Kyoto) Calendar Prints Exhibition(Kyoto)Lamp Exhibition(Kyoto)Book Art show Christmas Exhibition(Kyoto)
  • 2019 Springfield Museum Gallery talk(U.S.A) 4Exhibition(Kaede Gallery Osaka) Biwako Exhibition(Otsu History Museum) International Exchange Exhibition(Kyoto) Art Camp (Hungary Bercel) Book Art Exhibition(Kyoto) Japan Korea Exchange Exhibition(Kyoto)Calendar Prints Exhibition(Osaka)
  • 2018 Dayton Kyoto Prints Exchange Exhibition, Japan Korea Exchange Exhibition, Hungary Art Camp(Bercel)
  • 2017 Cube Art exhibition17(Kyoto),Midousuji Art (Osaka) Gallery Hinoki Art Faire, Japan Korea Exchange Art Exhibition in Tokyo (Tokyo) Artist in residence (Kyoto Sankaian. Hungary Bercel)
  • 2016two nobuko exhibition (Kuwana)Poland exhibition (Pila, Poznan)
  • 2014Exhibition at Cadaques(Spain)Zen Exhibition (New Caledonia)
  • 2010-2015The International Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture (Miyazaki)
  • 2007-2011The Profution of Art Hyogo Modern Art Museum. Kobe
  • 2012Artist in residence (Darmstadt, Germany)
  • 2011Chateaud’ art 2011(France).
  • 2010Prints Forum 2010 Award a prize. Saitama
  • 2007Kamikathu Art Project in Tokushima.
  • 2005-Kansai International Print’s Exhibition, Kyoto, Totori.
  • 2004-A-21 International Art Exhibition, Osaka, Poland, Taiwan. Germany.
  • 2001-Kyoto Open Air Sculpture Exhibition in Kyoto Botanical Garden
  • 1978Okazaki Stone Sculpture Symposium


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